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شروع اللہ کے نام سے جو نہایت رحم کرنے والا اور مہربان ہے

Istikhara - Spiritual Healer Roohani Elaj

A prayer can open the heaven doors for you, Let us give chance for pray .
Istikhara For Marriage
We perfume with full islamic knowledge of islamic Istikhara for your marriage and your dream will come true.
Istikhara for Family Issues
In our families we have many hidden issues that we can not open to people we pray in istikhara and amal for you.
Istikhara for Love Marriage
Love marriage and manpasand shadi always problem for us but do not worry we will Istikhara for approvel from Allah.
Our Special Amal for All of you

Protection from Evil Eyes

Many evil eyes all around you from family friends close friends and loves ones business partners.
We will protect you with the grace of Allah.
Black Magic Removal
See if anyone has reason to curse you. Examine your reasons for thinking you might have been cursed.
Love Marriage
Madni Isthkara presents you a free wazifa for love marriage/ love spell, which could be really helpful..
Job Problem Isthikara
If you are a well-educated person, you would have tried several different options to get a job of your taste with a handsome income.
Husband Wife Dispute
By use of Wazifa for husband wife dispute we could increase love regards between wife as well as husband.
We Offer Premium Prayers

The Protection and Method of Istikhara:

Protection: You must have to be neat and clean because cleaning is half of Imaan.
Neat your place for prayer.
Prepare ablution.
You must be focus on the purpose of istikhara.
You must have solid believe on Allah Almighty decision.
Istikhara Method:
After Isha prayer, pray two istikhara Nawa fill.
In first Rakat after surah, Fatiha recite the Surah-al-Kafirun and in second Rakah read surah-ul-Ikhlaas.
Recites istikhara supplication when you pray the Nawa fill.
O Allah, verily I seek the better [of either choice] from You, by Your knowledge, and I seek ability from You, by Your power, and I ask You from Your immense bounty. For indeed You have power, and I am powerless; You have knowledge and I know not; You are the Knower of the unseen realms.
Rohani Elaj
Kala Jadu Ka Toor
Bussiness Problem Istikhara
Shouldn’t you try your hand at business as it involves risks and losses?Though involving risk and stress,
Get Peace of mind with Islami Istikhara
Court Case Problem Istikhara
“So remember Me; I will remember you. And be grateful to Me and do not deny Me.” (Source:
Divorse Problem Istikhara
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Child Problem Istikhara
In Islam, a baby girl is considered a blessing while baby boy a reward of Allah. Mostly, people are desirous of a son


MashALLAH happy and satisfied our brothers and sister for istikhara.

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When you are unclear about your decision, whether you take it or not, you are uncertain then you do istikhara. The word istikhara mean

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